In our injection molding lab we can perform real life and series tests of your sample. We make multiple test runs, also using your equipment, to make sure that your tool fully meets all process requirements and performs as expected. Our extensive peripherals also allow us to use high performance engineering plastics and produce small batches first.

We are able to reduce all potential residual risks of the customer production series to an absolute minimum. Using modern measurement technology we can precisely measure the relevant parameters starting from the initial sample inspection report (ISIR).EMPB).


On request we can assist you to implement your final Euroform mold into your production operation and provide training of your application engineer.

After you start the actual series production you can take advantage of our after-sales service. If needed, we can offer an additional back-up for smooth and efficient  operation of your Euroform mold.

Our common goal: optimal productivity, maximum precision and quality of the production of your injection molded plastic part - piece by piece, day by day, and  with a long lifespan.