When developing your plastic injection mold we not only consider its later use, but also focus on the specific production conditions and requirements of your company, thus producing plastic injection molded part in maximum detail. We at Euroform give priority not only to the product, but also the process of optimizing the use of your form.

We are aware that the perfect form for the production of your injection molded plastic part is as important as the quality, time and cost optimization of your production processes. These are factors that we work with from the outset, regardless whether you come to us with a vague idea or a detailed product presentation.


The intensive expert advice and the cost effective project management are particularly appreciated by our customers. Our consultants have extensive technical and practical knowledge. Our mold making and injection molding experience and know-how guarantee a return of your investment.

Our knowledge about the properties and possibilities of the various materials and manufacturing technologies is an essential prerequisite to develop the best product for your needs.