Uncompromising when it comes to creativity, quality, timelines and costs: Customers from the automotive industry are particularly demanding. Working with them has taught us to always set the bar a bit higher and to achieve results that not only meet the targets, but often exceed them and thrill.

Today we are one of Europe's major developers and manufacturers of molds for the production of plastic injection molded parts, especially in the areas of vehicle interior and exterior, drive trains and engine compartments. Our solutions meet the highest standards in terms of looks, functionality, quality, reliability and minimized cycle times and provide exceptionally long service life.  Euroform, a high-tech company and system services provider, offers you one-stop full service – from concept development, engineering and manufacturing to after-sales service.


Four most frequently mentioned reasons why customers repeatedly choose Euroform:

Intensive care:
A dedicated project manager and team that provide intensive consultation and supervision throughout the project cycle.

Complete know-how:
We understand the production conditions and requirements of our customers almost as well as our own.

Solution Creativity:
Our expertise leads to innovative and highly functional solutions for quality and time-optimized production processes at your company.

Value for money:
We manufacture high quality precision molds for cost-conscious customers.